Hello again! The last development update was a long time ago, late-January to be exact. From now on, around every week an update on the forums will be posted regarding changes to the network. Of course, this time many updates will be announced.

ArenaPVP Overhaul

Very recently, a new update was deployed to the ArenaPVP game-mode.

• Every match will now house it's own map. That being said, the second you join a queue with someone else, the match will instantly start.

• At the same time, duels are now finally implemented. You can now use /duel <username> <kit> to request a match.

• Kohi now has Instant Health II potions (instead of I)

• Ninja now has operating "Smoke Grenades". Throw one of these snowballs onto the ground, and a giant explosion of cloud and smoke particles will appear for a short period of time.

• Player statistics are now cached in a better method, meaning you should experience less lag on this game-mode.

• The online player counter in the scoreboard actually changes when players leave now. Woo!

Hub Changes

• Multiple new npcs were added, of course some have to be Coming Soon D: For example, a few hub games utilizing gui's are currently in the making. This includes Card Games, "Casual Games" (Connect-4, Uno, etc.), and another category of games not yet planned out.


• You can now get your fortune told by the "Fortune Teller" npc.


• The hub/game selector now operates fully

General Network Changes

• A new report system has been created. Report players with /report <username>, and select the items that are relevant. You can only have one open report per player at a time, so select the right categories. (This is to avoid spam.)




We are happy to share with you guys that we've added multiple additions relating to FrostedMC. First of all, we've added a hub server that all users will be connected to upon joining the Network. Keep in mind that we're still working on finishing it up so keep an eye out for new cosmetics and hidden secrets coming out.. Secondly, users that play on versions that are above 1.8 can now join Frosted! We've decided to expand the 1.8 limit from 1.8 to the latest version of Minecraft. Thirdly, we are introducing a new game to you called Frosted Games. You can now play it in alpha with your friends by selecting Frosted Games in the game selection compass in the hub server. Fourth and final thing, we’ve also done some minor bug fixes to ArenaPVP, the backend as well as Glacier.

I’d also like to take the time real quick to introduce two new members to the staff team, Owen and Pndar! Owen will be working as a moderator while Pndar will be joining us as a helper.

With all that being said stay tuned for the some new upcoming features and gamemodes to the FrostedMC Network.

Also, join our Discord server to meet some new friends!

CV_ and jeremyapps
Marketing and Communications
Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed in the alpha stage of FrostedMC, we have implemented a custom anti-cheat called "Glacier" (created by me! ;o). As it has not been perfected yet, you can possibly get kicked falsely for a check. I'm here to clear a few things up about Glacier, and tell you what you should and shouldn't do.

Here's the full list of checks:
Combat -> FastBow, NoSwing, Reach, Criticals, FastHeal, FastEat, NormalCombatMovements (hit direction, wall hack),
KillAura-A (ClickAura/MultiAura/GWENBypass/TPAura/AntiBot), KillAura (Machine Learning), AutoPotion
Movement -> AntiKnockback, AutoSneak, Blink, Fly, Hover,
NoFall, Step, Jesus, Derp, Headless, Spider, FastSneak, LongJump, Speed (Walk/Sprint),
AimBot (disrupted), AntiCactus, Freecam,
NormalMovements (illegal sprinting)
Chat -> Anti-Ascii, Anti-Advertise (urls), Anti-Spam
Misc -> Steal, Tracers (hidden), DJ, OPSign, WorldDownloader, Schematica

If you do have a hacked client, I recommend you try everything besides the above list. Of course, there are some false positives for a few checks. Some of which include (but not limited to) the following: Blink, NormalMovements, and NormalCombatMovements. As a side note, never think about turning on tcpnodelay, it will kick you pretty quickly.

At the moment, we are only auto-kicking with Glacier. You will never get auto banned, so appealing your ban for hacking is basically pointless knowing a Staff Member already confirmed you are hacking, and has proof of it.

And now... for the approved/unapproved mods list! If your mod isn't listed on here, then don't use it (most people get kicked for having it even if Glacier doesn't specifically kick you for it).

You can use...
- Anything that improves/enhances your game's graphics (ex: Optifine, Shaders)
- Anything that adds more to your player model (ex: Some cape mod, Hats mod)
- Anything that boosts your game's performance (except regedit etc...)...
Hey everyone,

So the time has come for the Frosted servers to finally come online for the public. After many months of downtime and reconstructing FrostedMC from the ground up, we finally have a public release date for the server. Now I should clarify that the current release of Frosted will be more of an alpha/testing public launch, main reason being so that we can get some feedback on Frosted as well as fix any major and small bugs that might be plaguing the server. During this time there may seem to be a lack of features in some areas, don’t worry! We have plans to release consistent updates and patches over the following weeks and months to hopefully fully construct the future for FrostedMC.

Now, let me go ahead and answer some questions you might have.

So what’s the release date exactly?
  • The public alpha launch of the server will begin sometime on January the 13th. Depending on if we encounter big issues with the network we may take it down and postpone the launch until a future date.

What gamemodes will be released on the alpha launch?
  • Right now we will only be releasing one gamemode for the network which is a custom built version of ArenaPVP/Practice. But rest assure we have plans to release many new gamemodes over the coming months.

What will be the IP for me to connect?
  • You’ll be able to connect to the network using:
If you have any more questions feel free to message me or any other staff.

Yep, Frosted is coming back!

After many months of hard work, we're very happy to announce that FrostedMC will be coming back very shortly. We'll be launching the server soon here and we've got many plans for it. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and details on FrostedMC.

We also now have an official discord server you can join at:

Best regards,

CV - Owner of FrostedMC