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    Hey everyone,

    So the time has come for the Frosted servers to finally come online for the public. After many months of downtime and reconstructing FrostedMC from the ground up, we finally have a public release date for the server. Now I should clarify that the current release of Frosted will be more of an alpha/testing public launch, main reason being so that we can get some feedback on Frosted as well as fix any major and small bugs that might be plaguing the server. During this time there may seem to be a lack of features in some areas, don’t worry! We have plans to release consistent updates and patches over the following weeks and months to hopefully fully construct the future for FrostedMC.

    Now, let me go ahead and answer some questions you might have.

    So what’s the release date exactly?
    • The public alpha launch of the server will begin sometime on January the 13th. Depending on if we encounter big issues with the network we may take it down and postpone the launch until a future date.

    What gamemodes will be released on the alpha launch?
    • Right now we will only be releasing one gamemode for the network which is a custom built version of ArenaPVP/Practice. But rest assure we have plans to release many new gamemodes over the coming months.

    What will be the IP for me to connect?
    • You’ll be able to connect to the network using:
    If you have any more questions feel free to message me or any other staff.

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