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    We are happy to share with you guys that we've added multiple additions relating to FrostedMC. First of all, we've added a hub server that all users will be connected to upon joining the Network. Keep in mind that we're still working on finishing it up so keep an eye out for new cosmetics and hidden secrets coming out.. Secondly, users that play on versions that are above 1.8 can now join Frosted! We've decided to expand the 1.8 limit from 1.8 to the latest version of Minecraft. Thirdly, we are introducing a new game to you called Frosted Games. You can now play it in alpha with your friends by selecting Frosted Games in the game selection compass in the hub server. Fourth and final thing, we’ve also done some minor bug fixes to ArenaPVP, the backend as well as Glacier.

    I’d also like to take the time real quick to introduce two new members to the staff team, Owen and Pndar! Owen will be working as a moderator while Pndar will be joining us as a helper.

    With all that being said stay tuned for the some new upcoming features and gamemodes to the FrostedMC Network.

    Also, join our Discord server to meet some new friends!

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