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    Hello everyone!

    As you may have noticed in the alpha stage of FrostedMC, we have implemented a custom anti-cheat called "Glacier" (created by me! ;o). As it has not been perfected yet, you can possibly get kicked falsely for a check. I'm here to clear a few things up about Glacier, and tell you what you should and shouldn't do.

    Here's the full list of checks:
    Combat -> FastBow, NoSwing, Reach, Criticals, FastHeal, FastEat, NormalCombatMovements (hit direction, wall hack),
    KillAura-A (ClickAura/MultiAura/GWENBypass/TPAura/AntiBot), KillAura (Machine Learning), AutoPotion
    Movement -> AntiKnockback, AutoSneak, Blink, Fly, Hover,
    NoFall, Step, Jesus, Derp, Headless, Spider, FastSneak, LongJump, Speed (Walk/Sprint),
    AimBot (disrupted), AntiCactus, Freecam,
    NormalMovements (illegal sprinting)
    Chat -> Anti-Ascii, Anti-Advertise (urls), Anti-Spam
    Misc -> Steal, Tracers (hidden), DJ, OPSign, WorldDownloader, Schematica

    If you do have a hacked client, I recommend you try everything besides the above list. Of course, there are some false positives for a few checks. Some of which include (but not limited to) the following: Blink, NormalMovements, and NormalCombatMovements. As a side note, never think about turning on tcpnodelay, it will kick you pretty quickly.

    At the moment, we are only auto-kicking with Glacier. You will never get auto banned, so appealing your ban for hacking is basically pointless knowing a Staff Member already confirmed you are hacking, and has proof of it.

    And now... for the approved/unapproved mods list! If your mod isn't listed on here, then don't use it (most people get kicked for having it even if Glacier doesn't specifically kick you for it).

    You can use...
    - Anything that improves/enhances your game's graphics (ex: Optifine, Shaders)
    - Anything that adds more to your player model (ex: Some cape mod, Hats mod)
    - Anything that boosts your game's performance (except regedit etc...)

    You cannot use...
    - Anything that gives you an unfair advantage in pvp
    - Anything that changes how blocks display in-game (ex. XRay, ChestFinder)
    - Anything that gives you an unfair movement advantage
    - Anything that changes how your camera works / use of minimaps (or radars)
    - Anything that enhances your game's brightness (of course assuming it isn't normally possible to do so)
    - Anything that magically enchants/creates potions impossibly

    If you are unsure if a mod/modpack is allowed, don't use it until asking us or the thread gets updated with specific mods (or packs) allowed. Remember, you could get kicked falsely while we are in the alpha stage. Make sure to use /bugreport in-game to report any issues with Glacier. Saying "i got kicked falsely" or "glacier is bad" does not help the development, and we delete those bug reports pretty quickly.

    If you have any questions, contact me about it on the forums or discord.

    - Redraskal
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