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    Hello again! The last development update was a long time ago, late-January to be exact. From now on, around every week an update on the forums will be posted regarding changes to the network. Of course, this time many updates will be announced.

    ArenaPVP Overhaul

    Very recently, a new update was deployed to the ArenaPVP game-mode.

    • Every match will now house it's own map. That being said, the second you join a queue with someone else, the match will instantly start.

    • At the same time, duels are now finally implemented. You can now use /duel <username> <kit> to request a match.


    • Kohi now has Instant Health II potions (instead of I)

    • Ninja now has operating "Smoke Grenades". Throw one of these snowballs onto the ground, and a giant explosion of cloud and smoke particles will appear for a short period of time.

    • Player statistics are now cached in a better method, meaning you should experience less lag on this game-mode.

    • The online player counter in the scoreboard actually changes when players leave now. Woo!

    Hub Changes

    • Multiple new npcs were added, of course some have to be Coming Soon D: For example, a few hub games utilizing gui's are currently in the making. This includes Card Games, "Casual Games" (Connect-4, Uno, etc.), and another category of games not yet planned out.


    • You can now get your fortune told by the "Fortune Teller" npc.


    • The hub/game selector now operates fully

    General Network Changes

    • A new report system has been created. Report players with /report <username>, and select the items that are relevant. You can only have one open report per player at a time, so select the right categories. (This is to avoid spam.)


    • You can now change certain options with /options! (An item is also located in the Profile gui)


    As a side-note, VIP+ are able to toggle double-jump to flight mode in the Hub with /options along with "Chat Mentions".

    Chat Mentions are now implemented. When this feature is toggled, if someone says your username in the chat, every instance of it is highlighted in yellow and you receive a notification sound.

    Too many changes have occurred with Glacier, let's just say less false positives exist now, and the detection of cheaters have risen. You can see for yourself @ glacier.frostedmc.com.

    A large amount of ping issues have been fixed.

    New Game-modes

    A new game system has been implemented, thus putting Frosted Games into maintenance until we convert it into the right format for players.

    • A new server selector has been put into the hub.


    Clicking the enderpearl will teleport you to an available game that has not been started, if possible.
    Clicking the compass will teleport you to an available game that has been started, if any.

    The Arcade style rotation has been created, along with a server specifically for one game-mode, which is currently "Featured".


    Win the game by killing the most players before the 2 minute mark! You only get one shot in your bow, and it kills anyone instantly on a successful hit. You have a wooden sword as a backup weapon. Kill-streaks can be earned, slowly giving you better armor (from leather -> iron). Head shots are also detected in the chat.


    Border Busters

    Win the game surviving the longest! Run from beacon to beacon, avoiding the world border closing in.


    Parkour Mania

    A parkour course is generated for every player at the start of the game! Win by touching the diamond island at the end of the map. You get teleported back to the spawn if you fall out of the map, but watch out: you only get 4 lives.


    Another arcade game is currently in the works, but not yet finished. More details will be announced later.
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